EP: Sales process (SmmStageMini:Webpart) in OpportunityInfo.asxp page, smmStageMini couldn't proceed to next stages


On my sales process(webpart) inside OpportunityInfo.aspx page I couldn’t move from one stage to another stage.

  1. Ax2009 CRM>Opportunity: Sales process has been created

  1. AX2009(client): From here you can see that, if sales process are equal to testing so in PipelineStage** it allow to move from stage 1 to next stages by using SmmStageMini(webpart) in EP.

  1. EP: Webpart>user control>SmmOpportunityheader.

Webpart: Set as Provider and connect to SmmStageMini and DynamicToolbar

But Error was display as below, is it will effected my function ?

  1. Even thou the error display during inserted SmmOpportunityHeader into Webpart, I it still managed to display information of the SmmOpportunityHeader successfully in EP and as usual I have set the webpart SmmOpportunityHeader as Provider and connected to Dynamic Toolbar and SmmStageMini.

  1. EP: Webpart>SmmStageMini

Consumer and connected to SmmOpportunityHeader (Opportunity)

From here it have issue on move into another stages. Will you explain what approach that need to consider?


By: EP SmmStageMini state as standard

By: Client list of sales process

How can I change from EP (standard) into Testing property? I have define my stages on Testing as below:


Please help.

Any idea?