EP list page - Paging not supported

Hi guys

After saving record in role center List page the following error showing

Paging is not supported for 1:N Fetch Mode. (S)\Classes\xInfo\add (S)\Classes\Info\add - line 94 (S)\Classes\QueryRun\next (S)\Jobs\

I have checked my list page query in AX , which has only one datasource

any one help to solve the issue


Syed Abuthahir

It’s custom lispage

when the record will come from Create Web Control page(after Click save&Close button)

the following error will come…Herewith i have attached my screen shot

Mr.Martin Can ytou help to solve the issue?


syed abuthahir

I found the solution for my previous post


I was focused only listpage datasource Query but issue was my factbot AOT Query

the problem is fetch mode property 1:n not supported for the query so change as 1:1