EP Controls Modified events

Hello All,

I have a very weird requirement to be accomplished.

I have a Web Form Developed in for EP and in that form i have several fields in it.

Now are there any possible ways to override the modified events for any of such controls ?

Means i want some values in the next fields to be changed on the input of the fields which is possible in AX Forms.

How can i carry on with this task ?


If I understand what you mean, you want to set up the parameters in an SSRS report running on a Portal to be dependent on the previous parameter’s entered value. So for instance, if you have an Account report that is filtered on Account, LegalEntity, Department and Cost Center, and you want the Legal Entity parameter to list only Legal Entities relevant to a given Account, only department values relevant to a given Account/Legal Entity and Cost Centers that only pertain to the already listed Account/Legal Entity/Department.


So what you do is write SQL Code to list all available choices for any of the given parameters and include the code as a dataset to the report. In those parameters that are dependent on previous parameters, add a WHERE clause to the code that filters on the previous parameter(s) So you would create a Dataset where you SELECT DISTINCT LegalEnties WHERE Account = @ACCOUNT.

When you go to the parameters section of the report, you select that you want that parameter list to come from a query and then list the dataset you created for that parameter as the query (I like to write the query so that the alias for the label part of the data is called label, and the value part of the query is aliased as value, so that it makes doing the parameter setup easier) and when the report is launched in the portal, the parameters that are dependent on other parameters will be blanked out until those parameters are filled in.

Here is a query sample, where the Cost Center is being requested:

SELECT ’ None’ AS [Label], NULL AS [Value]
SELECT DISTINCT CostCenter AS [Label], CostCenter AS [Value]
FROM AccountDimensionTable
AND (LegalEntity = ISNULL(@LEGALENTITY, LegalEntity) OR LegalEntity IS NULL)
AND (Department = ISNULL(@DEPARTMENT, Department) OR Department IS NULL)
ORDER BY [Label]

At the beginning of the code, I UNION the word ‘none’ and NULL so that if that Account/LegalEntity/Department combination has an option for no Cost Center, you have the option to select NULL as a value.