EOF - Limit on Length of Textmode File Input?

I have a problem with the file input. I am reading an input file with f.Read which is fine; however, it stops reading at line 465. There is no EOF delimenter to denote that my file is done Read just stops at line 465 (position number 16893). Is there a physical limit to the length that a Textmode file can be? Anyhelp would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Owen

I think that there is NO limit, because I’m dealing with Textmodefiles of 40000 and more lines. But I made the experience that if you write a textmodefile and if you want to read it again that an error accour. I.E: forms : the position of labels ar set to wrong values (<0 or >100000) reports : defined papersizes will not work You have to repair this bugs in textmodefile

Hy Owen if you read text-files using File.textmode(true) the length of your column ist 250 Char. To avoid this problem you have to use textmode := false… and add the readed characters to your text string. Example: >file.open… >File.textmode(false); >myText := ‘’; >repeat; //loop filesize > tag := file.read; > if tag <> 13 then mytext := mytext + format(tag); > if (strlen(mytext) > 249) or (tag = 13) > then begin > … do something to save mytext … > mytext := ‘’; > end; >until file.pos = file.len; (code not validated!) Bye(Stefan)