enums problems

I saw one code like this …

case InventJournalType::Transfer:


(_subType != InventMovSubType::TransferReceipt)



in this two enums are there how to specify the subtype enum literals

not sure about your ask here?

subType used to initialize the movement classes for the sub type transactions (example - transferorderreceipt)

look at the implementation of \Classes\InventMovement\construct

hi kranthi

yaa correct … but I want create new movement (like inventory management-> journals-> itemTransactions-> movment) but in my new menu item the qty value accepts only positive values … and journaltypes are movement …

please solve it where I have to change the code … If I change transsign() in qty->modified field it will reflects on whole module so… please help me out

Adding a new movement will not be good idea for a validation of data entered on a form unless it carries some real functionality.

Why cannot you try for a validation of the data on form it self(as this is a form specific validation)?