enu(english) to enu(english)

Dear all,

suppose we r having database . in that add-on version the caption ml property is nothing but we make it possible as

enu(english ) automatically. how it comes is there any solution pls suggest me .


j.srinivas banny

Assuming that your database has only ENU captions:

  1. Make a translate export for all of your objects (let’s call this file TranslateExport.txt; I assume you know how to do that, if not search the forum)
  2. Here you have two choices:
    1. FIND & REPLACE using a text editor

      • Open the TranslateExport.txt in a text editor (I would recommend MS WORD as it can handle a big .txt file efficiently)
      • Perform a find and replcae on the language code part of the caption in TranslateExport.txt, i.e. A1033 has to be replaced by A2057
    2. for NAV we used to have a number of cmd line tools for multilanguage enabling your database (this was in those times when we moved from NAV 2.xx to 3.xx; in this collection there was one cmd line tool called renlang that allows you to rename the language in your caption; up till version 4.xx these tools where delivered still as part of the upgrade toolkit (still to be found on mibuso); the syntx for calling this tool would be:

      renlang TranslateExport.txt NewTranslateExport.txt 1033 2057

      This works quite fast. With the upgrade toolkit (for NAV 4.xx) a document is ginve with more details.

  3. Having the NewTranslateExport you need to import this again (first select all obejcts in the Object Designer) into your objects

Note that importing the strings again into the objects will change for objects the Date and Time properties. You probably do not want that, so you need to revert to the original date/time values. For this another tool called ObjectTime is avaliable in the same upgrade toolkit. See also my blog post on this.