Entry Type = sale , cost amount expected is there

Hi folks ,

First of all I would like to say thanks to everybody .

We did not done any customization regarding costing.

I gone through the item ledger entry for Entry type = sales.

I noticed some issues.

  1. For that sales entry Cost amount (Expected) has some value, Cost amount (Actual) has some value , Sales amount (Actual ) has some value.

My question is how it is possible to have some value in Cost amount(Expected).

In what case it is possible.

Because like this I have lot of entries for some items . how to rectify this problem.

Please let me know.

It is a Setup issue whether or not Cost Amt Expected will be calculated. Just tick the corresponding checkbox.

Further to what Modris suggested: 8103.DUG.bmp (905 KB)

From F1 (Help) :

In order to post expected cost to the general ledger, you must place a check mark in the Expected Cost Posting to G/L field in the Inventory Setup

First of all this is not a problem so don’t worry nothing happened to ur system [:)] and

"In what case it is possible" is answered below

This is how NAV posts the inventory entries. The entries in cost amount expected are the entries posted when u have shipped the item but not invoiced it.

Cost amount actual has the entry when u invoice ur shipment or u invoice directly i.e. “no, shipment then invoice” is followed.

Sales amount actual is the sales prices filled manually on order or invoice on the Sales order or invoice.

So u ask ur accounting people whether they want to see this cost amount expected in their financial reporting or not if they do not want then follow what has been advised by Modris and Dhanraj else leave it as it is.

Thanks experts,### 1)i did not place a check mark in Inventory setup card for the Field (Expected cost post ). That field use is post the values to G/L entries only.### 2)i think that know even you did not place a check mark in that field system post the values to Expected values if you receive .### when it comes to Kapil### 3) it is totally wrong Mr. Kapil what system is doing.### Because 02/02/02 I received some material (purchase receipt) then system will post the Values to Cost amount(expected)in Value entry.### 03/03/03 I done the sales invoice then system will post the values to Cost amount (actual), sales amount (Actual).### 04.04.04 I done the Purchase invoice against the material what I received on 02/02/02.### Then system will pass a adjustment entry .### So here there is not scope to have the values for one sales entry.### Entry type = sales### Item ledger entry No = 2345.### Cost amount expected = -100### Cost amount Actual = -100.34### Sales amount(actual) = -200.### ### So please let me know what is the problem.###


Is it your problem that you have NOT selected expected cost, yet the system posts one to the item ledger, even though there is no GL entry?

I am not sure why this is a problem for you if you are not using expected costing?

Ultimately your example is working how you want it to, the value entries stream into the item ledger for teh adjustment after the ACIE batch job is processed to update all costs correctly, but only after the invoice, up until this point no cost is posted to the GL, only reference costs are used - so what is your problem with this?

Hi experts,

Please try to understand my issue clearly.

My setups : Automatic cost posting = NO ( I think that all you know very well if u did not place a check mark system does not post expected costs to G/ L entries) , But when u receive the material system will post the expected cost values to Value entries.

Automatic cost adjustment = Never.

Now I example :

I created a new item

I created a Purchase order 01/01/01 with qty = 1 Unit cost = 1000

02/02/02 I received that material .

In Item ledger entry entries :

Item Ledger entry No = 2345

Entry Type = Purchse

Qty = 100

Cost amount Expected = 1000

Cost amount actual = 0

Now I sold that item On 03 /03/03 Ship & Invoice .

Item ledger entry entries :

Item Ledger entry No = 2347

Entry Type = Sale

Qty = 100

Cost amount Expected = - 1000

Cost amount actual = -1000

Sales amount actual = 2000

Here my doubt is when it comes cronus Databse only sales amount actual , cost amount actual are updating only.

But in my database cost amount Expected also updated for sale type with Ship & Invoice .

I done purchase invoice on 04/04/04.

Now I run the AICE batch Job , then system still showing that entries for the sale , that means Cost amount Epected did not became ZERO.

This is my problem.

Please clarify my doubt.

Why is it a problem that the cost amount expected is not returned to zero after invoicing? You are not using expected cost posting and not posting them to the ledgers, so it has no affect anywhere and therefore is not a problem.