entry type (positive and negetive) NAV

Dear user, how can justify in ITEM ledger entry (entry type positive and negative ) to OTHER . I am a user I know positive/negative for quantity and valuation adjustment ,


Positive /Negatives entry type HOW to generated or which document /SN reverse entry / many question to other non user ?

please advise ! please

Hi Hira,

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I’m very sorry, it might just be me, but I have read your post many times and I simply does not understand what your question is. May I suggest that you write your question in the Indian forum instead. If you don’t use English every day then it can be difficult and there you don’t have to use English. [:)]

You find the Indian Dynamics forum here.


From your forum I just understand that you would like to know How Positive & Negative adjustment done ? As well as how it will be reversed with serial No

Isn’t it???