Entries not balancing

I have seen on account schedule and noticed the entries not balancing. there is difference in net change and balance at date if the date filter is done on whole period. I am struggling to find this entry (probably some user posted by mistake). Whats the best way to find this entry? Balance at date showing bit more than Net change.

Please help thanks.

Hello Imran,

net change always sums up all entries in the specified period (from … until date). Balance at date always sums up all entries which have been posted up to the date (… until date). So I would say somebody has posted entries before the period.

with best regards


How did you set this “whole period”? Try not filtering at all. i.e. leave PostingDate filter empty.
There might be transactions with unexpected dates, actually input errors. If you know, that system went live on, say, 01/01/2001, and set it as from date, that doesn’t mean there are no erroreous entries dated 13/06/1987 or so, as well as far future dated entries - but the latter will have no effect if your till date is today or end of current period.