Enterprise to Standard

What effect will it have if we are planning to shift from MSSQL 2005 Enterprise x64 bit to MSSQL 2005 Standard x64 bit version.

I want to know pros & cons of doing this exercise.

Our DB size is around 300 GB - 400 GB & we run Navision 4.0 with SP3 with around 20 concurrent users.

How will it impact Navision connectivity & performance? Can I do this safely… I mean by backup & restore.

Also I run a transactional replication from my master server which is a enterprise version

to the regional servers which we planning to move to standard version.

Your valuable expertise would be appreciated.

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Well, you should compare the features of both editions: http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2005/en/us/compare-features.aspx

Of course there is a difference between STD and EE, so it depends on which features you need. According to performance EE has some advantages (e.g. ONLINE indexing) but this is not mandatory to run a NAV system.

The backup/restore should be possible - it’s still a SQL Server 2005 -, and IMO even a simple detach/attach should work; just test (I personally use a STD and frequently run customer dbs from an EE without any problems). Also the replication features should be the same on both editions.

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Hi Jorg,

As sugested I went through the MS link and got confused over one thing perhaps u could throw some light over it.

Under High Availability I found this check in EE but is not there for STD…


Fast Recovery







Database available when undo operations begin

| - | - | - | - | - | - |

What does this mean…

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uhhh … honestly, I have no idea … [:$]