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hai friends i have problem in ep ,

i created 2 methods in a class ‘sampleProxyNoParameter’ and ‘sampleProxyParameter’. i want to use those methods in visual studio for developing ep. i modified proxies class in ax with the below code


now i clicked tools — > development tools ----> web development -----> proxies ------> clicked generate in development web site field group.

i get the below warning and my proxies are not generated for my class.3821.1-5-2012 10-56-07 AM.png

i can not understand the message.What exactly is this.


In your post u have mentioned class name as SampleProxy and method names as ‘sampleProxyNoParameter’ and ‘sampleProxyParameter’ but while creating proxies you have used incorrect method names use exact method names and try to generate proxies also use exact class name means upper and lower case alphabets as they are case sensitive



hi chakri see in the errors here method name is showing sampleProxiesNoParameters and sampleProxiesParameters but the methods you wrote is sampleProxyNoParameters and sampleProxiyParameters i think it might be the problem.

My methods names and class name are correct. I understood that the proxy is case sensitive. I changed the class name from sampleproxy to uppercase SampleProxy.

Thanks a lot for replay.Struggled from last 2 days.

have a nice day.