Enterprise portal setup in Ax 4.0


I am trying to create a new web site by using share point services.After selecting the “Microsoft Dynamics EnterprisePortal” as the template and click OK, i get the following error.

The website “URL Name” was not created correctly.exception: No . Net business Connector session could be found.

I have set app pool’s identity to the proxy user.I have also started ASP.NET 2.0 for IIS.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Hi Ciprian,

I do not have Ax 4.0 front of me now. A daft query - have you registered the business connector yet? From my memory you can register this from the client utility. I am not sure on this but do please check.


Hi Harish,

Thanks for the advice, but this is no longer an option for 4.0’s EP. They have changed a lot of stuff, integrated with Sharepoint Services and switched to the .NET conector instead of the old COM.

The setting up of EP is now a laborious headache-ing process and requires a lot of settings; we had finally solve this, after a colegue of mine has found the following MSDN article with step by step setup http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/AxOnline/html/b354d478-7a18-49b0-aab8-a84b1774e21e.asp

Except the notes in the article you also need to know:

  • when setting up the EP site u need to be connected using the Proxy user account;

  • the proxy user account should also have access to create databases in sql server;