Enterprise portal - reflect changes


I have copied an existing Web Form for Enterprise Portal for Dynamics AX. I have made a Web Content out of it (by dragging the form to the Display node of the Web Content node). Then I add the form as a web part in the Enterprise Portal GUI. That works fine! However, when I want to change the form in some ways, those changes are not reflected in Enterprise Portal. I have tried to make all controls on the form invisible, but they still show up in EP. I have tried to delete and recreate the Web Content. It did not help me either.
Do you have any ideas here? How do you reflect your changes from a Web Form to the Web Part of the EP site?

Hmm, it seems that the functionality for managing deployments to Enterprise Portal (Administration->Setup->Internet->Enterprise Portal->Manage deployments) is not working in my installation. I get an error saying ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’ when clicking that menu item. When I trace this down I find that some function called getEPVirtualServers (or something like that) is generating the exception. I have tried to configure my EP and SharePoint settings (my guess is that it is some kind of permissions missing) but nothing helps. Next step for me is to reinstall both SharePoint and EP.
I will update this post later on…

I need some help regarding this.

How can i reflect changes done in the web parts and need to reflect the same in the EP site.