Enterprise portal - problem with radiobutton in user control


I created a usercontrol and there is are 2 radiobuttons (unbound) and a textbox (bound)

I have added them to a insert template, within the fields section of a group which is in a axform etc. etc.

I added the 2 radiobuttons to the same groupid so there values are mutually exlusive.

When one of the radiobuttons is set, then the textbox becomes editable.

Works fine.

But then it gets strange, when i click the radiobuttion that enables the textbox, it gets editable, i enter a value, a postbox occurs and then the radiobuttons get their original values (as in the ascx file) back?

The textbox also gets disabled (also the standard value from the ascx) , the textbox does however keeps its value (thats no problem ofcourse :slight_smile: )

Anyone got some ideas why this happens??

Fixed it, updateonpostback was set to to true. When false the problem was gone but… gave me problems with showing values entered on another step (it’s a wizard) Solution: updateonpostback is true again, implemented adding values to viewstate myself i.s.o. the property.