Enterprise portal login error

Hi All, I have configured “Enterprise portal” but when I try to logon it gives me this error… AxaptaCOMConnector.Axapta.1 error ‘80042041’ Error executing code: object not initialized. Stack trace: \Classes<unknown>\itemTxt \Classes\WebSession\ParseArgs - line 109 Error executing code: object not initialized. Stack trace: \Classes<unknown>\itemTxt \Classes\WebSession\ParseArgs - line 109 /TestEnterprisePortal/i_axapta.asp, line 4 I followed the configuration steps as mentioned in the “Setting up Enterprise Portal” doc. Also i referred this forum http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9431#38563 but no luck! I went ahead and even tried debugging the root cause of the problem by following the code…What I found is : In i_axaptafunctions.asp within function Axapta, the code segment below userid = Ws.Call(“SwitchAxaptaUser”) doesn’t return the userid. Appreciate if anyone can help me out!!! Thanks and Regards, Dilip

Some additional info: I’m using Windows 2003 with Axapta 3.0 SP1 I searched in Technet and found that this is known issue with Windows Server 2003 and in one of the discussions its mentioned that Windows Server 2003 SP1 beta solves this problem. I searched for SP1 but couldnt find them on microsoft sites. Also, there is a thread saying that Axapta Service PACK 2 for version 3.0 solves this issue. Can you please tell me from where to download the latest service packs for Axapta 3.0? Awaiting a speedy response…Thanks in advance!!

Hi Dilip, Since you are working for Axapta end-user, you have to contact your reseller/partner. Only resellers/partners have access to Partnerguide website from where SPs, Hot fixes etc can be downloaded. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Dear Harish, Thanks for your reply. I will get in touch with my distributor for the latest SP. Meanwhile, I have one more query, Does Axapta current version (3.0)support ASP.Net ?? If not, will it support ASP.Net in future versions? If yes, when it is expected to release? i think lot of questions for u… :wink: Thanks and Regards, Dilip

Hi Dilip, I haven’t tried to access Axapta from ASP.Net. But guess it should be possible. Bottom line is you are accessing MBS Axapta WebApp Framework with ASP.Net as the front end through Business Connector. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

We have the Axapta EP running onder Win2003 (but didn’t it test much …). We use Axapta 3.0 SP3 (plus the Kernel Hotfix “30SP3_HF001_Kernel”). It’s true that you need SP1 for Windows Server 2003, but there’s already a patch (see Article KB839003) available from Microsoft (had to order it by telephone). Also you have to Allow Active Server Pages in IIS6.0 The steps to accomplish this are part of the article KB315122. Do the following : 1) Open IIS Manager, expand the master server node (that is, the servername node) and then select the Web service extension node 2) In the right pane of IIS Manager, right-click the extension that you want to enable. In this case, this is Active Server Pages. 3) Click to select the Allow check box. This is not yet a fully supported fix, but worked fine for us.

Dear All, I first tried Axapta 3.0 SP2 no luck! then I tried SP3 still getting the same error. The funny part is the stack error comes even if i press submit button without entering the logon credentials. At the moment, I’m testing it on Win 2003 server with neither SP1 nor the KB fix mentioned in the above post by Jurgen. What i’m thinking is to test the EP on other OS…But, eventually my goal is to run it on Win 2003… Jurgen, Have u already applied the KB mentioned on Win 2003 or just installing Axapta SP3 resolved your problem?? Thanks all for your support !! have a good weekend Thanks and Regards, Dilip

We have installed the fix. You have to !! It fixes a problem in IIS6.0, because IIS is the reason why your EP won’t work. Succes …

Thanks Jurgen, I will try the fix and let you know about it. Warm Regards, Dilip

If the “User” has more than 8 characters it might cause the crash!!! We had this problem when upgrading to Axapta 3.0 - I am not sure if has been corrected in SP2 og SP3.

It’s allways recommended to use the use ‘admin’. That way you should never have a problem regarding the login. Gr, Jurgen

Jurgen, It was the Webuser login that not should have more than 8 characters. The login/user name is different from user to user - not everyone is “Admin”.

Ok, I tought that you ment the user for the Business Connector.

I also experienced the crash when a username was 8 characters. Don’t think I saw the crash again after I upgraded to SP3.

Dear All, I was able to successfully configure EP on Win 2000 Server and tested EP with 3 roles…Win 2003, i can test with the SP1 only after my company gets the licensed version… I’m facing one problem with EP…I duplicated the original EP and created a new one called MyEP…But, whatever customizations, I do in MyEP, the same gets reflected in the original EP too…e.g. I modify Customer form inside MyEP webproject to include Sales Group and Sales Pool fields and these gets automatically reflected in original Enterprise Portal project too…Any ideas why this behaviour?.. once again, thanks to all for all your help and inputs. Thanks and Regards, Dilip

As I am reading your question, I kave to say that I don’t think you should duplicate your EP, but create the new one from within Axapta. Maybe this behaviour occurs because the files points to the original files in the original EP. (by links or something like that) Only thinking outloud know Gr, Jurgen

Hi, I installed Win 2003 SP1 and tested my EP again. This time, before taking me to the login page, it throws this error from iaxpatafunctions.asp: Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a01a8’ Object required: ‘Ws’ I tried uninstalling AxCom.dll and registered the one which is on my Win 2000 box (where Ep works fine) but still no luck!! Did anyone tried running EP on the latest SP1(beta) for Win 2003, released on Microsoft site? Thanks and Regards, Dilip

Finally, I got EP working on Win 2003 Sp1. I just uninstalled the SP1 and re-installed it. And it worked! I think bcoz last time, I had directly installed from the network onto my system. This time, I copied the files from network to my system and then installed and EP is running fine. Thanks and Regards, Dilip