Enterprise Portal in Multi-Server Environment

Hi there… This is what we have - I do have some questions about our environment and how to best setup the EP: Current Environment: ---------------------------- 2 servers functioning as AOS/Application servers (APPL1/APPL2) 1 server functioning as IIS server 2 servers (clustered) functioning as SQL server • Windows Server 2003. • Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition for APPL1/APPL2 and the IIS Server • SQL Server is running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. • IIS Server is currently on a Windows domain but it will be moved to a Firewall zone before launch. • When IIS Server is moved to a Firewall zone it will not be a member of our Windows domain. Questions: In a multi server environment on what server should the Axapta Business Connector be installed? Should it be on both Application Servers or should it be on the IIS Server? If the Axapta Business Connector is installed on both Application Servers: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. On what server should the .asp (and associated) files for the Enterprise Portal be located? 2. Should it be on either Application Server 1 or Application Server 2 with a virtual directory setup on the IIS Server? 3. Should it be on the IIS Server? How do the .asp pages locate the Business Connector? 4. How do we setup the virtual directory on the IIS Server to see the 2 Application servers? If the Axapta Business Connector is installed on the IIS Server: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Do we need to install the Axapta client on this machine? How will this connect to our internal network? 2. Under what security context/account do we set the Axapta Business Connector to run as since it will not be on our domain? 3. What rights does the account that runs the Axapta Business Connector need to our AOS/App servers? Our SQL Servers? Our IIS servers? 4. How do we link the account used by the Axapta Business Connector to an account in Axapta? 5. Should we have a specific account in Axapta used solely for the Business Connector? 6. When you specify the Axapta Configuration Profile to be used by the Enterprise Portal how will this connect to servers on our internal network? 7. Should the Business Connector be using a 3-Tier Thin client configuration or a 2-Tier Fat client configuration? Thanks in advance! Aldo

Hi, ABC is needed only in the IIS 1) For testing you can use the client and ACU, but remove client before going live. It connects through the same ports as the ABC 2) In IIS local security context. AOSes should allow anonymous client connects 3) Needs only rights to connect to the AOS, and run in the IIS 4) It is done by Axapta configuration - Username on the first tab uses the password given in the last tab. See also the Web Sites/Web tab 5) “Use an account with minimal user rights on tables”. I have not tested what it really means. 6) Through the firewall using IP-numbers and ports you fixed in the command line parameters: -AOS=HOSTG:PORT 7) 3-Tier Thin because you do not want to expose the internals servers to the DMZ where ther IIS is br,