Enterprise portal development questions


I am starting to develop Enterprise Portal applications in AX 2012 and have some basic issues:

I have created a dataset and linked it to a AxDataSource in the Visual Studio designer. I have then created an AxGroup and want a lookup that updates a display method. The lookup works by itself as it is a RefRecId on the table in Ax. However when I update the lookup with a value, the display method doesnt update on the form.

My second issue is that I have another AxGroup that contains two fields that are RefRecIds on the table. I want the second field to contain a list of data that is based on the value of the first field. I thought I would be able to do this by modifying the dataSetLookup method on the second field on the dataset. However, I dont seem to be able to reference what is in the first field - when I debug this the first field on the record is not set, so I cannot use it in a query to filter the data for the second field.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?



I replied to your duplicate thread in another forum.