Enterprise portal datepicker gives an error on second click


Has anybody come to this problem. When I click on datepicker and close it without date selection and click it again, then it gives a javascript error and basically whole site does not do any postback’s until I press F5 and refresh whole page. If you have any solution or how to overcome this problem, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Or if you have repaired this control, I would love to see some suggestions how to fix it.

Hi again.

Found a solution in the net myself. It is here: http://www.doens.be/2010/06/enterprise-portal-strange-behaviour-with-date-picker/

Basically from same site quoted:

In the web.config file you will probably find a similar line: . When you change the debug parameter to false () and execute a iisreset, this issue is solved. You will typically find this issue only in DEV-environments because debug should be turned off in a live environment.
Unfortunately Microsoft won’t create a Hotfix for Ax 2009 to solve this issue permanent. They ported the issue to Ax 6.0 and in the mean time we’ll have to use the work-around.