Enterprise portal ax2009 access denied error.

I have a old machine and i have configured the EP and every thing was working fine.

But today i opened the machine and i forget the password for the service user name for AOS so i reset the user password but after this the AX is working fine but it is not allowing me to use the EP sites.

So please tell me where do i need to change the password in order to EP to work and not give me error of access denied. As i cannot login the EP with a admin password because it was the same i reset the password for.

Please help.

Hi Kami,

Try setting up Password for the same user in AOS and again use that Id and password for the EP.
May be it work and if it doesnt reply again.

I have already done this the service of AOS is running with the same user and i already changed the password to start the service.

So now there is no problem is service startup the AOS is working.

Whats next.