Enterprise portal add Data Set to AxDataSource user control


Sorry Ive been running into many problems in the last few days. Unlucky streak, so I am here to ask you guys. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

So I keep running into 2 problems while trying to set a data set to an axdatasource in visual studio 2010.

I have 2 data sets

  1. EPInventOnHand (standard data set)
  2. EPInventTransfer (custom made)

When I try to set the standard data set to the axDataSource then it states DataSource ‘InventDim’ in DataSet ‘EPInventOnHand’ has an unknown field ‘InventStatusId’. This is being stated on every random standard data set that I try to set on the datasource in visual studio.

When I try to set a custom data set on the datasource, then it states “Table with an id of ‘EPInventTransfer’ does not exist”. I have created the table in the AOT, I have syncronized the table. I checked SQL directly, it does exist on the database.

Any solutions to both of these problems would be immensly useful!!

Well, the answer here was that I had different machines for the AOS, Database and Visual Studio. When I started developing with the Visual Studio on the same machine as the AOS that I was using, the problems disappeared.

Visual Studio takes the “Original” client/server configuration as a basis of its parameters, so you might also find that this problem can be solved by changing the “aos” and “db” and “dbserver” parameters in the system registry. I did not meddle with this.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dynamics\6.0\Configuration\Original (installed configuration)

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dynamics\6.0\Configuration\Original (installed configuration)

There is also an option to start Visual Studio with parameters, which might also be helpful if you cannot start developing on the same machine as the AOS

devenv.exe //AXConfig [path-to-axc]