Enterprise portal 2009 - align numbers


I have got small trouble with numbers in EP 2009. Every number is align to the right on the website. I tried to modify AXEP_RTL.css and AXEP.css but nothing works. Could someone tell me what should I change that numbers will be align to the left please?

Use some web development tool to identify the style (and the containing CSS file) defining the alignment.

For example, in IE 11, press F12 to open dev tools, then Ctrl+B to select an element and analyze CSS on the Styles tab on the right side. There you can also play with changes before actually pushing them to AXEP.css or who knows where.

I already tried it but nothing change. There is:

Inline style { text-align:right; }

but nothing more (missing description, for example it comes from AXEP.css…).

“Inline style” means that the style is defined directly on the element (e.g. ), not in an external CSS file.

I looked for “style” in files EPCSSSalesBasket.aspx and EPCSSSalesBasket.aspx.cs but nothing.

You have to look at the same thing as the browser - the HTML code.

ASP.NET code stays on server.