Entering open balances in NAV (was Navision 4)


Could you please explain me in detail the steps involved in entering the Opening Balance with an example



What opening balances are you referring to?



Suppose i am creating a new Company and i need to create opening balance on all

Customer, Vendor etc

How to do it?



The process is like this. Suppose your trial balance starts from 10000 to 80000. Keep 95000 on wards for your opening balances. The 95000 onwards should not appear later as part of your trial balance. This is a temporary balance. create 95001 - vendor op. balance, 95002 debtor opening balance, 95003- Inv. op. balance, 95004-op. bal Fassets etc., so that you cover all your amounts that was in the old trialbalance which you are now transferring to navvision The process is the same for Vendors/Customers/other balances. I have to check out for F/Assets as it is some time since i did it. Create all Vendors and Customer cards. Then in case of Vendors go to general journal and post opening balances. i.e Dr. total sum (say $10,000) to 95001 g/l account and using multi line posting Cr. Vendor - A -100, Vendor B-200 etc till the general journal balances. Please put blank in one column which says invoice,payment etc, as Nav Vision does not allow multi vendor/customer posting if invoice/payment or something is selected in that particular column. Similiarly for all accounts. When you finish, you will have amounts in 95xxx series as well as the opening balances in vendor, customer etc. When you take a trial balance (you have to probably set it to take only upto 95xxx (may be hardcode in the report), you will have the trial balance with opening balances. Sabu