Entering information into Navision DB on SQL from the Web?

Hi everyone, I was wondering - when one decides not to impliment Webshop for a number of reasons, what are the other options for integration into Navision from a different data source? For example, we need to place orders in Navision, the data will be coming from .ASP and perhaps COM based objects in the future. At the moment, their data goes into another SQL database. We’ve heard lots about C/FRONT - anyone have any experiences in this with regards to its extensibility? Can we do such things as pull information out of MS SQL Server 7.0? What about issues such as performance/integrity/validity? Thanks in advance, Andre Rencontre BCompSci, MCSE HLB Mann Judd Victoria, Australia

www.webcom.cz have developed a web link which I think uses the CFront connection. Any help?

When you put data into NF via ODBC, C/Front or something else you always have a problem with validation. No triggers are executed if you don’t work from within Navision. We have here several applications for getting data in and out of navision. - We use c/front from within VB to import daily new items. We only put it into a worktable and afterwards run a codeunit in NF to create or update the items - We use asp pages to get info directly via ODBC from NF - We are going to use the solution of Webcom(we are dealers of that) to have a link to our intervention system in NF? so that people on the road can modify and create interventions. Rgds Benny Giebens