enter actual hours for the complete production jobs in AX?

I have two routes set up 1 for Parent BoM and another for Sub-BoMs and associated two “HR” resources - 1) Designer 2) Tester. Operations are “Design” and “Testing”. I have scheduled the operation and production has started. When RAF, i understand that i can enter the actual time taken to complete the job against these two route operation “design” and “Test” in the route card or job card journals.

  1. Is there a timecard/timesheet functionality in AX where these resources can enter their hours for these operation?

  2. what is the difference for posting “Item+cost category” vs “Item+resource” - assuming I have run-time cost category set up for the route. also have set up for the resources.

  1. Yes MES in 2012, basically shop floor control.

  2. It is where you specify the ledger accounts - item and cost category looks at the WIP accounts on the cost categories on the route, whilst Item and resource looks at the WIP accounts on the resource record.