english version of navsion course for report?

anyone got the english version of this manual? manual : Basic course of report generation. (in spanish) printed in 1998. http://navisioner.com/downloads/docfile/docfile-curso-informes.pdf i m looking for it high and low as i believe this manual is better than that provided on the CD. pls email me at darenhan@yahoo.com if u got an english version of this manual.

I am not quite sure but I think this manual has been written by Navision Spain (NTR) even though it says Navision a/s in the copyright section. Therefore there is no “oficial” translation around… [V] You might have luck that an NSC translated the manual for internal use, though I think the chances are quite small… Saludos Nils

do u have any documents which fully explain how to design reports in navision? i find the document help in the CD quite insufficient. Thanks a million