Enddatetime of type UTCDATETIME should be display time with 23:59:59

Hi ,

In the form I have two fields , of type utcDateTime, when start date is selected it is taking time automatically as 12:00:00

for example

septermber 30 as 09/30/2015 12:00:00

For end time also it is taking same as above , Now the requirement is that it should take as 23:59:59

for example End date is October 3 2015 then it should take 10/03/2015 23:59:59 instead of 10/03/2015 12:00:00

is there any way to solve this

If you don’t specify time, it’s empty (represented as 0 seconds of the day). You can change it to another time, if you want, either manually or in code.

How can I get the maximum value of a date time of particular day i.e 09.29.2015 11:59:59 PM or

09.29.2015 23:59:59

Hi Smshyd,

you can use some methods to get the time your expecting:

cnlinToDateTime = DateTimeUtil::newDateTime(toDate,86399);

will give you 10/03/2015 23:59:59 of 10/03/2015 but here todate is date type and cnlinToDateTime is utcdateTime type.



Instead of hard-coding 86399, use #secondsPerDay from macro library TimeConstants and subtract 1:

DateTimeUtil::newDateTime(toDate, #secondsPerDay - 1);

Alternatively, get the next day and then subtract one second (using DateTimeUtil::addSeconds()).