End Work orders when having material variances


What is the correct way to end a work order wihch has variances between BOM qty and Production order quantity when RAF is used . This happen regularly because decimal places are used between BOM qty and Production qty.


Do not automatically report the picking list, post it with the actuals.


This happens usually between standard consumption and actual consumption. Post the picking list at actual consumption. Do the RAF with accept error.

Thanks Guys.

But in our cae it llooks like it is a result of or precision places when we try to RAF. So maybe we can setup UOM with decimal places ?

It doesnt look like we can use tolerances to RAF , right?


Accept errors " is already checked. Over ou Under reporting of work orders operations as weel as MES errors is creating over/Under consumption of materials and sometimes duplicating/ deleting requirements for materials which is not good for supply/demand.


The description of what you are saying is pretty vague. A decimal rounding is not a variance, you seemed to be referencing material variances, now you are saying, I think, that you consume “x” but actually with dp the consumption is y which would suggest your BOM component definition is not sufficient and your dp setting could be wrong on the UOM but it is difficult to say from what you have actually told us.

OK. I’ll try to explain as I ma not sure what is the cause of the problem: decimal places or material variances. In fact , i have a work order that should RAF with 1 Inch as qty. I use Job registration to do feedback and sometimes I have to put less or more. In thatcase, I want the system to end without creating additional picking lignes with the rest of quantity which is what happen now.

So my questin is: what is the problem as I 'll have to close out the job with several decimal places . How this should be handled? I hope it’s more clear. Thanks

Is the 1 Inch the RAF quantity or a consumed quantity?

So if you were to backflush and RAF a variance the system will assume you used more as you are auto-flushing. If you were to forward or manual flush you would break the relation.

The 1 inch is the RAF quantity. In fact MES issue qty RAF exceeds start qty so 1.654. So it looks like MES does not have tolerance to accept qty over than the start qty

Production Control - Setup - Manufacturing Execution - Production Parameters - Report as Finished - Report as Finished Journal - Accept Error

Is it ticked?

YES it is ticked . so, any other idea?

Are you flushing material at start?

No. I am doing that on operations. So this is the setup that I have on Production Parameters:

Operations Tab / Automatic BOM consumption field = always

The always field then relates to the start and RAF postings on each job so this is then controlled by how you have set the start and end parameters during the registration process.

Also check the parameters by site for the accept error flag. Does your routing group have automatic consumption flagged?

This is what I have on the route group:

Automatic route consumption/ Setup time → Unticked

Automatic route consumption/ Run time → Unticked

Automatic route consumption/ Quantity → Unticked

On the MES, We dont use Production parameters by site, we use Production Parameters only

So any clue??

No, I have given you the main ones. Is this an order you created today and tested?

Get a developer to debug the code and point you to the code which will then be the setup point.