End production: negative cost amount for receipts is not allowed.

Trying to end a production order and get this error: negative cost amount for receipts is not allowed.

I’m lost trying to figure out what it could be? Can anyone help point in the right direction?

This is with label @SYS53174, try to locate it in the code, you will find something out.

I’m not much of a developer, just looking for more of a functional solution. ?

Look at the bom/route consumption for the production vs the standard cost. It will not allow you report finished an item that has a negative value. I have received this error when raw materials were scrapped in large quantities, when the standard cost isn’t established correctly, etc.

I’m not a day to day user of AX, I just manage the IT for the company and this one got passed to me so I’m not as familiar with a lot of these terms as other people are. This production order was only for a quantity of 2 and the BOM for it don’t look like anything big. But I don’t know what to look for based on what you’re saying. Is there specific instructions you can have me do/click on to see certain things? Right click on item number in production order and go to main table, then go BOM > Lines. ?

The answer is found in the Picking List and Route Card journals associated with the production order. From a production order, click the View tab and choose Production Posting from the Related Information section. This describes all of the cost postings for the order. Have the production control clerk review those entries. The bottom line for you is that this is not an application error, but an incorrect transaction the should be corrected. Usually, either too many hours or too many materials were booked by mistake.

I don’t have a View tab but I found where you’re talking about. We don’t run like a normal IT dept, I pretty much have to fix these kinds of problems regardless of the kind of error. The problem is nobody here understands AX, it’s a pretty complicated application for smaller businesses. Is there anything in particular I should be looking at in this Production posting? I see the Material consumption is at a negative IIP/WIP amount and one of the report as finished lines is at 2.00 good quantity, the rest of them are all blanks.

Ok, so if your material consumption is negative, I think that means that you returned material to stock, rather than consumed them. If you do not have a dollar amount in the wip column on your report as finished line, that means that there is no cost associated with the goods reported. We use standard cost, so that is where the wip amount comes from for us. So, your error is coming from the fact that you manufactured two items that have zero value, but realized a gain from raw material usage. The cost calculation comes up at a negative amount, as your error states. To fix it, you need to book a production picking list to consume at least as many $ as your negative journal.

In simple terms the cost of your parent is being calculated as negative. So if you had a BOM line for one item of $5 and you consumed it the cost would be $5. If you then posted a negative pick list and removed 2 of the item (when you only consumed 1) then the cost it would remove is $10 making the cost of the parent -$5

You cannot “make” something that costs you less than nothing - so AX stops you :slight_smile:

Add route details and process it further. I have tested scenario and it went through without any error.

Kiran Waghmare