end points duplicates

we have a server in this ax practice,axtv and Dynamics ax1 are the instances with the port numbers are 2714,2713 and 2712.once i restart the server system the service 2712 is unable to start the remaining two are started.i get this error

windows could not start Dynamics ax object server 5.0 Dynamics ax1servive on Local computer

error 1740: the endpoints is a duplicate.

can anyone suggest to solve this error.


It is a known issue. This happens when AOS port is being used either by another AOS or some other process.

You have to run ‘CurrPorts’ program to find out which process is locking the port. To download this program, click here.

Thanks for Replay.

I run currpost but i find the port number 2712 is 3times but i am unable to find to which one is the dynamics ax1 port number.

please tell me how to check which process to block that port number and how to reassign that port number to dynamics ax1.

CurrPorts displays details such as which process is using which port, name & path of process etc etc which is self explanatory.

Any way if you find this too complicated, change the AOS port from 2712 to something else.

Thanks Harish for solved my problem…

but i am interest to learn AxAdmin .How i am starting to learn so please give me the suggestions.


As with learning other areas in AX, there is no shortcut in learning AX Administration. To start with if you haven’t already done so, start studying DAX 2009 Server and DB administration guide which can be downloaded from here - http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=21551

Other than the above, there are loads of materials in standard help documents such as system and application setup which comes part of DAX 2009 client installation.

Good luck!

Thanks Harsha…

If i have any doubts in admin i will contact you?please help me.

Thanks Harish,

I chnaged Port number of Server. It was started.