End of Period - Extended Close

Hello Attain 3.60 / Avg Cost by Location / Auto Cost Posting & Expected Cost Posting checked. Nav. standard is that on Dec 31, 2002 - I run my [Periodic Activites] (Adjust Cost & Post to G/L), Run my [Inventory to G/L Rec] for any potential postings, and then my [Inv. Valuation Report]. I then review the [Inv. Valuation Report] to my G/L Accounts, and they should balance. 1. I need to be able to keep the period open to post the Physical Inventory results into the journal. It isn’t possible to take a Physical Inventory on the 31th and post all within one day. Anyone every try to keep a period open, but allow postings into the next period? I can’t see how everyone is closing according to Navisions standard. Thanks

Hi, I’m not sure why you can not post into the new period?? Do you control it with dates on the user set-up and/or global posting dates? As you know there is no such thing as period close in the traditional sense in Navision. It shouldn’t matter how long it takes you to do your inventory check, as long as any corrections in the journal have a posting date of Dec 31 all should be well. Or maybe I misunderstand the problem…sorry.

Hi, I’ve contacted this problem to Navision. For now, we tell all of our clients to run the adjust cost process every day so they wouldn’t forget to run it at period end. If you forget to run it at the period you’re in, then you’ll have to wait until Navision address this problem in the next patch… =(