Enabling update editable(True)

I want to enable enable update so as to run o report that slashes Zeros.I Know it ma sound funny but the digits have passsed 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 for even basic costs

I’ve read this and your other three posts about the same thing, and I am having a hard time understanding what you mean by ‘slashing zeros’. Also, what does the editable property have to do with that? Are you really talking about a report?

it almost sounds like his cost are out of control and he wants a report to fix the costs.

But I agree I’ve read all these slashing zero posts and it’s not clear what you want to do.

Please be descriptive, we can’t read minds.

The isssue is that due to the hyper inflationary conditions the figures have gone up to Quadrillions and the solution is to slash some digits from the system prefferably six so i did a report that does this but there are certain fields thatv arevset to not editable so the report just skips such

Now, the question is a bit clearer, but the problem is still elusive. On which tables does your report work? Which fields are being skipped?
Editable property doesn’t apply to reports and if the problem were a lack of permission you would get an error message instead.

It work on all tables that ha ve monetary value in thier fields and skips the flowfields so there are fields set on theor propeties to editable No these it skips meaning the objective of the report is not achieved,Manually changing the property was one idea but the risk of skipping out other fields sends terror down my spine

Ah now we’re getting somewhere :), finally we can help. The editable property is for forms, so that users can’t manually change the values. You should still be able modify values in C/AL code. I think the problem you have is not related to the editable property.

How other that thru a process only report that slashes the deigits using th given factor

You can use a processing only report to do this. Say you have a table ‘MyTable’, with an amount field ‘MyAmountField’. Create a report based on MyTable, set it to processing only, add whatever filters you need, and whatever request form you want. Then in the OnAfterGetRecord trigger of the MyTable dataitem, you program something like this:

MyTable.MyAmountField := MyTable.MyAmountField / 1000;

and that should do it.

I am not going to question the validity of simply going in and dividing all amount fields by 1000 though, this to me is just a technical question of how you do it. The functional implications are your own responsibility.