Enabling Undo Receipt & Undo Shipment for Drop Shipment

Hi Experts,

I found lots of discussion over "Undo Receipt & Undo Shipment for Drop Shipment " as we know it system does not allow for this transaction. The user wants an easy way to execute a reversal if they did any mistake.

Please suggest the best way to handle this. We can customize a solution also can any one please suggest what will be the challenges or if anyone already did it please share the thought process.

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Well, Drop Shipments never hit Inventory - there are no Receipts / Shipments to UNDO…

Thanks Modris Ivans for your response.

i think i was unable to present my issue properly … meaning of creating drop shipment is receiving goods through Drop Shipment and on this stage my inventory hit . so i want reversal before invoice the Purchase Receipt and Sales Shipment .