enable the field in the freetextinvoice

Hi All,

I want to enable a field in free text invoice form in payment tab. the field is been called by a display() method.

I tried using active() method in the table’s datasource. but did not work out… i even tried making the fieldsdatasouce propery AllowEdit = yes, and enabled = yes. but couuld not find the solution.

Can anyone help me regarding this?


It’s not possible to edit a field which datasource is a display method.


hi Thomas,

its in the table level only…not in the datasource level.

No matter where it is, the name itself says that it is for diaplay. Why do you want to enable it?

HI Kranthi,

Thanks for the reply.

I need to make only the field exch.rate as editable in payments tab. how to do it?

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It picksup the value from Exchange rates defined to the curreny. You dont have an option to change it.

Hi Kranthi,

Yes i know that… Is there any other way to change it… it should be editable for the customer.

Hi All,

Is it possible to edit using edit(). if so what will be the code?


every this is same as display() but just replace keyword “display” with “edit”. but i think its calculative field so its not advisable to allow edit this field.

Thanks & Regards,

Mehul Thacker

You can how ever make it edit(Create a new field push that value), but the change should be considered by the posting logic, impact should also be analyzed…

Hi Kranthi,

You mean to say that create a new field “X” and write code so that when the invoice is posted it should take up this value?

(or) can you just give a sample code for this?

Hi all,

I solved my issue… thanks for all your replies…