Enable Show Attachment Status for All Users

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I Need to write a job that can be run to update User fields

The following updates need to occur:

The job that needs to be written needs to populate the checkbox for the 2 options indicated.


Once the job is written, it will need to be run to make the changes.


Unfortunately you didn’t ask any question, therefore we can only guess what problem you have with the requirement.

If you don’t know where the information is stored, simply look at the definition of the form.

Actually, the question is how can I write the job to enable those options?



Find the data that you want to change (see my previous reply).

Then think about what you mean by “a job” and create it. Write code updating the data for all users (either using update_recordset or a loop).

If you have a particular problem, please realize that you didn’t mention it and therefore we can’t address it.