Enable Filter on Invoice Journal Form


I want know how we can enable filter in any form which is already disable filter

for example i just attached a screen shot with this mail given below

There is a invoice journal form as you can see in that form there is a field AccountName so i just want to enable filter on that

field same as it has for Journal Number Field.

AX Version 2009.

Thanks in Advance

Hi ,
Can you tell us the path…(Like AR->Journalls…)

Looks like they are customized fields (usually they will be on lines) and they look like the display methods. So filtering is not possible on display method without a change.

Path AP->Journal->InvoiceJournal

thanks your quick response.
you mention that not possible without change. what does it means

Filter is only possible on the data base fields. But it wont be possible on display methods without doing a customization.


If It is a display method…Try like this…


Is the form customized ??..Tell me from which table the name field comes

Thanks for your response. i will try above link

this is the display method and coming from LedgerJournalTrans Table see given code

//BP Deviation Documented
display LedgerJournalAccountName accountName()
LedgerJournalTrans ledgerJournalTrans;
select ledgerJournalTrans
where ledgerJournalTrans.JournalNum == this.JournalNum;

return ledgerJournalTrans.accountName();

Thanks a lot it is working fine.

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A journal can have multiple lines with multiple accounts. Which one will you show on the header with this display method?

As per ur reply i will consider my reply as answer…