Enable/Disableing Particular Dimension in form

hi All,

In GL->Setup->Posting->LedgerAllocationRule form…

In Offset Tab - user selects Source then dimension will disabled but my requirement is If user selects source then

Only site dimension should enable other dimension should disabled.User can select site…



Change the AutoDataGroup of the Dimension group in the form to NO. Change the names of the dimensions in the group and set the autodeclaration property to yes.

In the active method of the form data source and in the modified method of the offsetDimension field change the enable \ disable logic by using the above auto declared fields…

Thanks Kranthi…

how to disable all the financial dimension on a standard form for particular company where as all the dimension enabled on other company???

What is the version of AX and can you please elaborate?

Yeah it is AX 2012 r3 sorry for not including in the first place.

I am not really sure about the reason for the requirement.

But you can set the Editability option on dimension controller,