Empty tab with (SysOperation + datacontract with no datamembers)


I have created a batch using SysOperationFramework.

The datacontract to the service operation method is actually empty. Hence the batch dialog is shown with a empty tab. There is also a second tab “Batch” which i am able to click. Is there a way i can hide the first tab and show only the batch tab?

Thanks in advance

Many times we have use sysOperation framework without using any data contract. In that case, if you run the class to open the dialog you would see a blank tab. To select the batch tab by default just place this code in your controller class.

protected void dialogPostRun()
sysOperationDialog sysOperationDialog;
DialogTabPage batchTab;
FormRun formRun;


sysOperationDialog = this.dialog() as SysOperationDialog;

formRun = sysOperationDialog.formRun();

batchTab = sysOperationDialog.batchDialogTabPage();


Link ==>axtricks.blogspot.com/…/select-batch-tab-in-dialog-by-default.html

Good Luck