Empty Posting of Cash Receipt document type

Hi all,

one of the user run the customer payment receipt & unable to view the records after august 31. it turns out after my investigation that during posting the documents type was empty.

how i did my investigations, check from financial mgt> account receivables> history register>
filter by Creation Date 01-09-11…, and i saw a whole lists of documents there with source code as:PAYMENTJNL,
BUT when i go to customer ledger entries> filter by posting dates: 01-09-11…, i saw lists of documents with empty documents type!

2 questions: a)will there be issues in the g/l or closing since empty documents was posted?
b)if i re-create the payment receipt, and post against customer invoice, will that caused any discrepancies
in customer ledger entries, customer balance etc etc?

If its not related to Taxation ( For India Version what i know).

You can update the Document type by designing a report (until you have the permission to do so in your license).

Hi Manish,

I’d not suggest this, this has also effects on payment discounts… and payment tolerance.

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I agree with that, you never know the side effect in NAV.

hi jen/ manish,

i would recommend user to reverse all empty document type, and repost new entry again.

But to reverse all the entries you first need to look at the impact of the entries to the G/L Account.

is there anyone here able to help, i am quite poor in finance. not to mention i pick up navision only recently.

After reading you query again i would recommend you to reverse the entries & re-create new entries & post them as those entries are only the payment received from customer.

But first please unapply the receipt entry before reversing or you will get errors.

hi manish

i guess it wasnt applied yet. will do as propose to unapply them if its being apply already.