Empty first page in SSRS Report

Hi Guys,

Good Day! We designed a Sales Invoice report in SSRS for a client, please see below for the design and situation:

  1. Report has a small header where the information in it is only displayed when it is in 2nd and later (3, 4, 5 & so on)

  2. In the body, the contents are a Rectangle which we use as the first page Header containing ship to, bill to, phone numbers etc. We also have a Tablix in the body below the rectangle where we display salesline information (tablix is not inside the rectangle).

  3. Report has a footer where information displayed in it only appears in the last page.

The client usually writes long descriptions for the salesline and normally it fits either the first or second page, but we also have some instances where the client writes the descriptions too long that it doesn’t fit the first page but will fit the second page (since header in 2nd page is smaller). So now it prints out having the first page only printing the header and will only start to print information in the 2nd page.

So here is my question: Is there a setting to just simply “spillover” the remaining text of a field from One page to another?

It seems like AX/SSRS always tries to keep the information in a field in 1 page.

Every forum I read only seems to cater for blank pages in the second page.


Hello godfathereve

set ‘KeepTogether’ property of rectangle and text box to false.