Empty field No. in Item table

Hello everyone,

I faced the following problem: someone renamed Item No. in Item Card to empty that our company use for Items.When i try to rename the record throw the card i get the following error : “You cannot rename a record because the old value of the field is below ’ ', Field: No., Table: Item” . I went to Item table 27 and tried to rename the No. field from there but i get the same error. Also i sow the No. field is blank in some another tables too like Item Cross Reference and so on.

I am new to Dynamics Nav. My question is: “Is there a way to avoid this error. Should I duplicate the problematic records (with empty No, Field) in all tables that I see there is problem and delete old records?”

Many thanks


Welcome To DUG!!!

Check the code on Rename trigger of Item Table .

Try to find out how anyone can change the primary key of table ? How come that user doesn’t got the same message what you are getting ??

I guess that your blankt Item-id comes from an import - standard NAV does not allow blank No.'s.

You shall not delete the item in the “usual” way! Ypu have to write a (e.g.) report an use DELETE without TRUE-parameter.

This is bacause if you are allowed and do delete an item, the item-recoird is deleted; but the Item’s Ledger Entries are NOT deleted. Instead NAV blank the field “Item No.” in all ledger entries (and Value Entries) - and leaves the entries as is.

Problem solved. Filled empty fields in tables where i sow there is problem. In tables where i had no premission to correct records ( Item ledger entry) were corrected by our Nav dynamics parnet. About fields that were primary keys and I cloudnt correct, just made new records and deleted old that were incorrect. Everythnik looks to work correctly for now.

Thanks for help.