Empty date formula field with report

I’m sure I asked the same question a while ago on the MBS Online forum, but it isn’t accessible at the time so I cannot search for it!
I want to empty the field ‘Shipping Time’ in table 18. In a report I tried:

Customer.“Shipping Time” := 0D;

But this will give me a Type conversion error. What was the correct syntax again?

Try Customer.“shipping time” := 0T;

D is for date and T is for time parameter.


Sorry, that doesn’t work: it’s a Date Formula field.

Actually, let me corrcet myself: [E]

As Shipping time is a field os Type : = Date formula. so it won’t work.

in that case you need to do it like this;

Test := 0T;

format(evaluate(“shipping time”,test));

and yes Test is defined as Type = Time.

This will work. [H]

I realized right after posting it and you beat me to my second post :0