Employee portal/share point: Communication error (10121):

When I try to access employee portal in share point it shows me the message.

Communication error (10121): Unable to write to job queue. FormatName:DIRECT=OS:.\private$\nep_request_queue\private$\nep_request_queue


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Check this:

  • MSMQ is running.
  • Queue name is correct
  • User has permissions to write in MSMQ.

The korrekt syntax for this is


can you please explain these 3 points which I need to check ie.

whether MSMQ is running or not.

user permissions

correct que name.

Kindly tell me how to cross check these things.

Thanx in advance

No Answer???

MSMQ is a Windows Service. Check if installed and is running in services list.
You must define permissions in MSMQ queues. check if Navision user has permissions to write in MSMQ.
You must create queues. Check if configured queue names match created queue names.

Hi. I got the same error.

Did You solve the problem?


same problem here …

my machine name is: MOSS2

I tryed “MOSS2\private$\nep_request_queue” and “MOSS2\private$\nep_request_queue” as well as “MOSS2**.\private$\nep_request_queue" and "MOSS2.**\private$\nep_request_queue”

but without any success … :frowning:

my queue entries in → Computer Management → Message Queues → Private Queues → are called “private$\nep_request_queue” and “private$\nep_request_queue”

I checked the user rights and they should work!

Any suggestions?

regards Tom