Employee Portal Service Nav 4.0 Service Pack 1

Hi, I am trying setup employee portal on Windows 2003 . I have installed all the software products listed below. 1. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 2. IIS (Included with Windows Server 2003) 3. Microsoft ASP.NET 1.1(Included with Windows Server 2003) 4. Microsoft Message Queuing Services (Included with Windows Server 2003) 5. SharePoint Services 6. Visual J#.NET1.1 Framework Redistrubutable Package I’ve installed the Nav4.0 Client with all the components Installed database server, NAS with all components and and the Employee Portal front end components. NAS is setup correctly , started with the correct NEP parameter, the windows user is created in navision… I want to test the default cronus setup with sharepoint but I get the following error message when I try to modify the card webpart for employee portal or any webart: Communication error (10114) No reply received from back end system) Time Out Is there somebody that had a successful user portal setup before that could help me

I am installing EP as I am writing this, so I haven’t gotten that far yet. There are a few posts on mibuso about Employee Portal by some people that got it to work. There might also be some information on this forum, have you searched at all?

I got it to work right away, no problems at all. There may be a few issues you should be aware of though. The extended Stored Procedures. I had to install them manually, because for some reason the Navision installation program doesn’t automatically do this anymore. The message queues. Make sure you have the Common objects only installed in the messaging part of the windows components. I have not verified that it would fail if you have the AD integration installed, but that screwed me up in another MSMQ customization. You said you get the error when modifying a web part. Do you mean that the default sharepoint site works but it fails when you try to change it?

Did you guys figure this one out? I’m getting the same error from sharepoint. From what I can tell everything is working fine with NAS and sharepoint. I just can’t get the webparts to talk to the backend. I’m also using SQL 2005 and manually put in the extended stored procedures. I just want to get this thing to work once so I can play with it. Shawn