Employee portal and service module

HI All,

I am facing one problem in employee portal and sharepoint . My client want to implement service module through sharepoint when I am click on insert line on header line web part. It gives me error.

Navision error (10500): The Service Header does not exist. Identification fields and values: Document Type=‘Quote’,No.=‘SO000010’ Document Type: Quote, No.: SO000010

Can anyone tell me why this error come?

Navision error (10500): You cannot enter ‘ERROR’ in Integer. The cursor is in front of the invalid character.

Anyone face this kind of errors. Please help me in giving some suggestion.

Make sure you include all the fields of the Primary Key in your Line fields of your “Header+Line” EP WP definition in NAV (where you specify the fields to be shown in the lines)

You must include the primary key fields (e.g Document Type,Document No. ,Line No.) but you can have them as Hidden.

Hope it helps