Employee Portal and data not in Tables

For what I’ve been seeing EP only accesses to data on tables.
But for eg. In the Sales Card, I can get the Statistics.
The problem is that Statistics Form get data from tables, but then applies code on the form to transformate the raw data to the real statistics.
With EP will be impossible to retrieve that data, right?

What would be the easier solution to make something like that? I mean to show data that is transformated on a form?

Im thinking in making an webservice, to retreive the raw data, then to send to a codeunit in NAV created with the code of the form (to emulate) the operations and send back to the webservice the new data, so the webservice can show the right data.

Is there another way that someone think is easier or better, or not really?

You can’t retrieve all information from stats card. Most values are calculated in form. Employee Portal it’s very limited. You can expose Navision data and logic by webservices (its gives some work)