Emailing Statements/Invoices

Need to email statements/Invoices from Navision. Can you please tell me how to do that?

Hi Ivy Print the statement or invoice and select file and send as. If you want an automated system where statements or invoices get emailed if the customer is flagged in this manner you will need to modify the system but it can be done.

Hi Ivy, I would suggest you have a look at pdfmailer, you’ll find several topics when you do a search for “pdfmailer” (try this one This solution will save the file as pdf and mail it to the indicated adress. Printing to pdf is much better than prining to html… Saludos Nils

Thanks Nil & Steven Was away so I only got to read the responses today. Great help I must say. Thanks a tonne. Ivy

Please look at the top under Solutions/Add-ons offered. LaserNet Output Management is specially designed to control prints and reports from Microsoft business Solutions - Axapta, XAL, Attain etc. I also have screencams which I could mail/send (20 MB) so you can see how easy LaserNet is to set up and maintain, and off course how it works in general.

Thanks Michael read the link you sent but do you sell the add-on & how much is it? In the mean time may you please send the screencams so I can get a general idea of how it works. I had given our development team the suggestion I got from Nils & Steven and they were yet to update me of a definate path they wanted us to follow seeing our client has Lotus Notes which I saw you catered for with LaserNet. Anyway I await your mail. Thanks, PS. Can only respond after 5pm because I am attending a fullday course for this whole week.

Personally i should recommend pdfmailer. I’ve tried it on several users (the price is really reasonable) and they’re very happy with it, having also the option of including embedded programming on the reports allowing you to choose the destination of the e-mail and texts to include on the e-mail (on the professional version).

Yes - EFS Technology develop and distribute the Output Management Solution LaserNet, primarally through resellers / distributors. Please mail your data to me, and I will send you screencams, so you can get an impression of the product etc.

We use PDF995 ( and win2pdf. Both work very well. if you are looking to email PO’s one at a time as you create and release them, pdf995 works well. It can save the pdf as a unique file name, as the same file name and overwrite itself, or allow you to name it. It can be setup to attach to an email, allowing you to specify the address. It also have image quality settings as well. Win2pdf is more of a batch fax solution.

Hi Ivy, Please send me your emailadr. and I will send you the screencams, so you can see the solution. - (you have not your emailadr. on your profile) Lookin forward to hear from you. Michael -

Altus Business Solutions offers a comprehensive add-on for sending PDF versions of documents via e-mail. You can check out the details at