Emailing Report messes it up.

Were on Navision 5.0 S.P.1 and everytime we e-mail a report it messes up a lot of the Header information. It will take a field on the report and split it into 2 fields on separate lines on the e-mail report. Wasting lines and making it harder to read.

Is there anyway to write the report so when you e-mail it it somehow stays the same as when you print it?

Are there font or field sizes that help with e-mailing??



Hi Greg,

The report is generated into HTML and the format is not always great. Line in particular seem to throw it out. I would recommend that you look at generating to a PDF file and E-Mail the pdf file. This is the way we have done on of our add-ons and it works well. If you search on PDF you should get usefull posts.

Thanks Dave.

So the Adobe Writer would be an add-in to Navision??


Hi Greg, You call an automation in NAV to create the PDF file Do a search on PDF e.g.

Dave is right about the COM component for generating a PDF version of a report. I have had mixed success with the Amyuni printer driver that does just that. It always seems to work, but never seems to be that repeatable (we always have to fiddle with it lots to get it working).

I notice that you are on 5.0 SP1 so you may be considering upgrading to NAV 2009 sometime in the near future.

You may be interested to know that reports in NAV 2009 have some additional features as a result of being rendered in the .NET Reporting Services viewer. This means that from within C/AL you will get SAVEAS.XML, SAVEASPDF, and SAVEASEXCEL functions on the report object. This means that without using COM objects (or needing to license 3rd party tools) you will be able to save your report as PDF and then use the SMTP functionality to attach and send it to a an e-mail address.

Hope this is of some use, I realise upgrading to NAV 2009 is not something you would do just to get this feature, but it may make you decide to wait on solving this problem if an upgrade is iminent.