Emailing Quotes

When we email a quote from within NAV, it creates an email with the font set to Times New Roman.

How do I go about setting the font to something else, say Arial and 0pt as well as setting some wordology in the body of the email and including the user’s signature in the form of a username.jpg image?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

That depends on how you are emailing it. You’ll probably want to start looking into the automations that come with Outlook and utilizing them within NAV (assuming you are using Outlook). You’re not going to be able to do it with existing code or the NAV Mail codeunits.

Hi ,

Do you use the send report to email functionality?


im facing a similar issue when I use the File> send> report by email. The Layout is not the same compared to when I print it.

any sugegstions?

If you don’t want to write the code yourself Lanham sells a good add-on for this. With a little customization you can make it attach PDFs instead of HTML of the reports.

Hey Matt, is this a new product they are selling? Or are you thinking of the email functionality included in eShip?

It’s a separate granule, although it does come with the E-Ship objects since you get everything at once (E-Ship / History and Security / Email). It is licensed separately from E-Ship and History and Security, though. The granule id is “14000820 E-Mail”

I’d give a link but looks like they redid their website and I can no longer find it. I just installed it for a client less than a month ago, though. You can probably find documentation for it on their FTP.

Essentially you setup templates for the emails and then you can either have them automatically sent during various posting processes or manually send them later. Attaching as PDF was really the only thing missing, but with so many different PDF printers out there it’s hard to include it out of the box.

Zetadocs can help here? [|-)]

Yes I know the granule, but for some clients, installing eShip is a huge task and doesn’t justify all that work just for the one granule. Like EDI it would be great if it was completely separate.