Emailing PO docs out of AX 4.0

Hello, everyone,

I am trying to find a way to email PO documents out of AX 4.0. I am not interested in any 3rd party or custom solutions, looking for something that will work out of the box and that is relatively simple for an advance user to implement and use. Is there such thing in AX 4.0? So far, I looked at Document Management as well as printing to an email. Both these options are OK for one or two docs as a workaround option, but not as a regular daily tool.

I would appreciate any feedback someone might have on this subject.

Thank you,


There is nothing out of the box for mass emailing, out of the box you have the option to print to email, that is all, anything else is tailored to the clients requirements generally through a third party product.

Thank you, Adam. I was afraid that would be the answer, but you confirmed what I discovered. I appreciate your response.