Email with Outlook Exchange and Nav 5.0 SP1

Good morning.

What is the best way to setup emails for Nav 5.0? I understood that with an extension, the reports to
send, must be updated/reprogrammed. Is there a better/other way?

We would like to send invoices etc. directly from Navision. Now we have to print in adobe and so on.

Thanks in advance!


Hi. v5 does not have a pdf creator so you need to install one as a virtual printer. Try BullZip as this has code that can be used in Nav v5. Then you need to add code to create the pdf and then create / send the email. Bullzip does come with sample code from memory. Neil

Thanks for your reply. Any settings required in NAV? Frits

Hi. Not really as all bespoke. Only thing would be an email address in the vendor / customer. Part of the Bullzip download is a smtp set up table. Neil

Can you help me further. Is there some programming in codeunits, forms or reports?

Hi Neil,

BullZip as such does not come with any code, but there are many ISV add-ons (and maybe some download examples) that uses it. ExpandIT MailIT for an example, which is developed by the same developer who did BullZip. So may it be this “example” you think about? Admitting its a long time since I worked with NAV 5.0. [:)]

Erik, Yes I was. Sorry. Been a while. We used on v4 Nav and got the relevant code off forums. Like you it has been a while for us. So much better in 2017 with the email word templates we well. Neil

Yes Neil, in general so much prefer working with NAV 2017, but will be even better in NAV 2018. Finally we have the “Post and Send” function as standard. [:)]

Erik. Yes it gets better with each version so some functions I have never used. HR is one though I was asked by a client recently about putting HR data into Nav and their requirements would fit into the Nav HR module. Anyway I digress. Neil

Yes its great to see that they now have started to “shine-up” a lot of the NAV modules, which had basically been untouched since their release back in the early classic versions. CRM, Jobs and HR are no longer just “forgotten” modules. With releasing Dynamics 365 f.F. Microsoft have been forced to rethink a lot of modules. Consider if they really were ready for the “mainstream market”. Suddenly they have become much more in the seat of the partners.